1040 Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge
1070 Incredible Master Beggars
3025 The Blob
3035 Son Of Blob
3060 A Town Called Hell
4020 The Magic Pony
5000 I Dismember Mama
5005 Blood Legacy
5020 The Slime People
5025 The House Of Seven Corpses
5045 Gorath
5055 The Human Vapor
5056 Love Me Deadly
5060 Octaman
5080 Messiah Of Evil
5137 Bruce Li - The Invincible
6035 Death Stalk
6045 Cold Sweat
6060 Next Victim
6120 Cocaine Cowboys
6125 Black Cobra
7005 The Battle Of El Alamein
9004 Decameron Nights
9006 Long John Silver
9010 The Man On The Eiffel Tower

Need catalog numbers for:
43 - The Petty Story
Aliens From Spaceship Earth
Andy Warhol’s Dracula
Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein
Animal Talk
Assault On Agathon
Bad Man’s River
Black Starlet
Blood Couple
Blue Blood
The Boob Tube
Boy Of Two Worlds
Bruce Lee In Animation: Chinese Gods
Bruce Li In New Guinea
Bruce’s Deadly Fingers
Cain’s Cuthroats
The Clue According To Sherlock Holmes
The Crawling Hand
Crucible Of Terror
Death Of A Hooker
Diary Of A Telephone Operator
Don’t Open The Door
Enter The Panther
Escort Girls
The Executioner
The 5th Day Of Peace
Fist Of Fury II
Funeral For An Assassin
Great White Death
The Haunting Of Harrington House
High Country Calling
House Of Death
How To Seduce A Woman
Jaws Of The Dragon
Jules Verne’s Fantastic Balloon Voyage
Just Like Us
Kill Alex Kill
The Killer Likes Candy
Kung-Fu Commandos
Legend Of The Northwest
The Legend Of Young Robin Hood
The Little Magician
Massacre At Fort Holman
Memoirs Of A Fairy Godmather
Mr. Too Little
Once Upon A Midnight Scary
On The Edge
Phillip The Small
The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix
The Possessed
Red Sun
Ring Of Death
The Second Coming Of Suzanne
The Seducers
The Severed Arm
Sex With A Smile
Stranger’s Gold
Summer City
The Thief Of Baghdad
The Ultimate Thrill
Unknown Powers
When Wolves Cry
Who Killed Mary What’s ‘Er Name
Wild Wheels
The Wishmaker
Women Unchained
The Young Tiger
The Zertigo Diamond Caper