Incomplete Videography

1011   Blood Cult
1013   Blood Mania
1014   Blood Of Dracula’s Castle
1019   Copperhead
1030   Dark Star
1041   From The Earth To The Moon
1044   Ghosts That Still Walk
1055   Invasion Of The Girl Snatchers
1060   The Crater Lake Monster
1071   Monster A Go-Go
1077   Nightmare In Wax
1089   Sasquatch
1094   Stanley
1161   Beyond Atlantis
1167   Dick Tracy Returns
1185   The Swiss Conspiracy
1186   Death Rage
1195   Scream Bloody Murder
1201   Journey
1203   Dick Tracy
1552   Small Kill
2026   Terror At Tenkiller
2108   Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things
6002   Beyond And Back
6210   Night Creature
6212   The Redeemer
6236   Sisters Of Death
6237   Starhops
6240   The Van
6729   Dixie Dynamite
6967   Schizo
7002   Ruby
7003   Screams Of A Winter Night
7006   One Man Jury
7008   What The Peeper Saw
7011   The Truth About UFOs And ETs
7338   Varan The Unbelievable
7397   Dead Men Walk
8008   Chamber Of Horrors
9002   The Bird With The Crystal Plumage

10154   The Toolbox Murders
10610   Death Machines
10690   Policewomen

Catalog numbers are needed for:

Adventures of Smilin’ Jack
The Bad bunch
Bad Georgia Road
Black Shampoo
Crime Of Crimes
Dead Boys Can’t Fly
Deadly Neighbors
Dick Tracy’s G-Men
Dick Tracy Vs. Crime Inc.
Ebony, Ivory And Jade
The Galaxy Invader
Ghost Ship
The Lucifer Complex
Midnight Movie Massacre
The Milpitas Monster
My Brother Has Bad Dreams
Night Cries
Nude On The Moon
Target… Earth?

Super special thanks to Michael A. Boley for a huge amount of help !

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