212-915 Women In Cell Block 7
213-510 Hawk The Slayer
213-833 Killing Machine
213-857 Space 1999: Alien Attack
214-324 In Love With An Older Woman
214-457 Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
214-460 Rattlers
215-147 Ms. 45
215-416 Dangerous Company
215-979 Tenement
215-599 Mysterious Two

62295 Fist Of Fear Touch Of Death
63213 In The Shadow Of Kilimanjaro
65310 The Oracle


The Ambush Murders
Assault With A Deadly Weapon
Bad Ronald
The Battle Of Austerlitz
Bill: On His Own
Black Jack
The Blue Knight
Brain 17
Carry Me Back
A Case Of Libel
The Chisholms
Desperate Lives
Desperate Women
The Disappearance of Aimee
Dixie Changing Habits
Dying Room Only
Eye of the Tiger
Fast Money
For The Love Of It
Frank & Tony
The Girls Of Huntington House
The Haunting Passion
Having It All
The Human Factor
Killer On Board
Kill The Ninja
A Man Called Rage
Nightmare at 43 Hillcrest
Ninja Warriors
One Cooks, The Other Doesn’t
One Shoe Makes It Murder
Our Family Business
Pajama Tops
Pay Or Die
Pray For Death
The Prince Of Central Park
A Question Of Guilt
Rape and Marriage: The Rideout Case
Red Flag: The Ultimate Game
The Runaway Barge
The Savage Bees
Season For Assassins
She’s Dressed To Kill
Silent Night Deadly Night
A Small Killing
Snow Treasure
Stunt Rock
Take It To The Limit
Terror Out Of The Sky
The Third Walker
The Triangle Factor Fire Scandal
Washington Mistress
The Wild And The Free
The Winds Of Kitty Hawk
The Woman Who Willed A Miracle
The World
The World’s Most Spectacular Stuntman
Young Love First Love