Incomplete Videography

301     Road To Bali
315     Mastermind

1188   Diabolically Yours
1198   The Black Gestapo
1234   The Black Eliminator
5225   Getting Over

Against The Drunken Cat Paws
And God Said To Cain
The Attic
A Bell From Hell
Beyond The Doors
Beyond The Living Dead
Black Sister’s Revenge
The Black Six
The Candy Tangerine Man
Cemetery High
The Chamber Of Fear
The Cobra
Cult Of The Dead
Dance Of Death
Deadly Spy Games
Death Journey
The Demon Lover
The Demons
Die Screaming Marianne
Disciple Of Death
Don’t Go To Sleep
Double Face
Dracula Sucks
The Element Of Crime
The Florida Connection
Four Infernos To Cross
The Fury of The Wolfman
Gentleman Killer
Girls On The Road
Grave of The Vampire
Here Comes Trouble
The Hurried Man
The Jesus Trip
Keep My Grave Open
The Killing Kind
Lady Cocoa
Mean Johnny Barrows
Mission Mars
The Mummy’s Revenge
Night Of The Sorcerers
No Way Back
The Occultist
Porno Drama
The Psychotronic Man
A Quiet Place To Kill
Rikisha Kuri
Savage Intruder
Seeds Of Evil
Serenata Macabra
Shaolin Devil, Shaolin Angel
Simon, King Of The Witches
Take Down
Ten Tigers Of Shaolin
Top Of The Heap
Tomorrow Never Comes
The Two Great Cavaliers
Warlock Moon
The Witches Mountain
The Witch Who Came From The Sea

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Last updated 2 / 1 / 2009