202-490 The Silent Scream
202-491 Children Of The Full Moon
202-535 The Carpathian Eagle
202-536 The House That Bled To Death
202-537 Frankenstein
202-583 Guardian Of The Abyss
202-604 The Thirteenth Reunion
202-605 Rude Awakening
202-633 Dracula
202-634 The Picture Of Dorian Gray
202-854 Tales From The Darkside Volume Two
202-939 Tales From The Darkside Volume Three
202-992 Anatomy Of Terror
202-1093 Iā€™m The Girl He Wants To Kill
203-489 The Monster Club
203-856 Buried Alive
203-931 Doctor Butcher M.D.
203-990 The Human Duplicators
203-1067 Nightstalker
205-848 Make Them Die Slowly

Need catalog numbers for:
Tales From The Darkside Volume One
Seven Doors Of Death