TVA1035 Death On The Nile
TVA1573 First Blood
TVA2372 Angel
TVA2535 The Terminator
TVA2728 A Breed Apart
TVA2880 Flashpoint
TVA2977 Wild Geese II
TVA2983 Volunteers
TVA2985 Code Of Silence
TVA3003 The Holcroft Covenant
TVA3004 Howling II
TVA3011 The Return Of The Soldier
TVA3666 Sweet Dreams
TVA3672 Maxie
TVA3676 Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
TVA9951 Foreign Body
TVA9973 Half A Lifetime
TVA9975 Apology

TVB1489 Monty Python Live At The Hollywood Bowl
TVB1493 Dawn Of The Mummy
TVB1584 Ator The Fighting Eagle
TVB1620 Sorceress
TVB1631 Polyester
TVB1632 Xtro
TVB1639 Stunts
TVB1733 Madman
TVB1813 One Dark Night
TVB1976 Martin
TVB1979 The Evil Dead
TVB1980 Spasms
TVB2227 The Prey
TVB2304 Exterminators Of The Year 3000
TVB2438 Watch Me When I Kill
TVB2544 A Day Of Judgement
TVB2649 Warrior Of The Lost World
TVB2674 Girls Nite Out
TVB2723 The Hills Have Eyes Part 2
TVB2730 The Initiation
TVB2908 The Deadly Intruder
TVB3001 Final Mission
TVB3167 Count Yorga, Vampire
TVB3171 Dr. Who And The Daleks
TVB3242 Blacula
TVB3533 The Time Travelers
TVB3553 The Oblong Box
TVB3554 Black Sabbath

TVC1088 Horror Of Frankenstein
TVC1095 Fear In The Night
TVC1100 The Best Of The Benny Hill Show Vol 2
TVC1112 Lust For A Vampire
TVC1122 By Design
TVC1427 Pink Motel
TVC1428 Deep Red Hatchet Murders
TVC1441 Wolfman
TVC1585 Summer Of Fear
TVC1630 Second Thoughts
TVC1635 Long Shot
TVC1814 Night Warning
TVC1953 The Best Of THe Benny Hill Show Vol 3
TVC1975 Crocodile
TVC2681 The Best Of The Benny Hill Show Vol 4
TVC3114 The Best Of The Benny Hill Show Vol 5
TVC3243 Finnegan Begin Again
TVC3382 The Best Of The Benny Hill Show Vol 6
TVC3402 Mad Bull
TVC3511 Circus Of Horrors
TVC3512 Act Of Vengeance
TVC3671 Planet Of the Vampires
TVC3681 Tomb Of Ligeia
TVC3762 The Torture Chamber Of Baron Blood
TVC3790 Doctor Jekyll And Sister Hyde

TVE2804 The Royal Opera - La Boheme
TVE2805 The Royal Opera - La Familia Del West
TVE3400 The Bolshoi Ballet - Spartacas

TVF2045 The World At War Vol. 3
TVF2057 The World At War Vol. 7
TVF2060 The World At War Vol. 10
TVF2064 The World At War Vol. 14
TVF2072 The World At War Vol. 22

TXA3011 The Return Of The Soldier

301 The Best Of The Benny Hill Show Vol. 1
601 Death On The Nile
610 Spaced Out
611 Dead Of Night
618 The Stud
903 The Burning

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Amin: The Rise And Fall
Beach House
The Bitch
Goodbye, Emmanuelle
The Last Fight
Playboy Of The Western World
Truly, Madly, Deeply