OS-002 Bruce Lee In New Guinea
OS-004 Chase Step By Step
OS-008 Land of the Brave
OS-022 The Desperate Chase
OS-025 The Fighting Dragon
OS-031 Scorching Sun, Fierce Winds, Wild Fire
OS-033 Amazons in Wrestling
OS-041 Infernal Street
OS-042 Bruce And The Shaolin Bronzemen
OS-045 Shaolin Deadly Kicks (Flash Legs)
OS-046 The Assignment
OS-055 Kung Fu Kids (Dreaming Fist WIth Slender Hands)
OS-060 Legend Of Bruce Lee (Chinese Chieh Chuan Kung Fu)
OS-068 Bruce, Kung Fu Girls
OS-070 The Guy With Secret Kung Fu
OS-072 The Legendary Strike
OS-073 The Victim
OS-074 Revenge of the Shaolin Master
OS-083 Wicked Wife
OS-091 The Four Shaolin Challengers
OS-094 Heroine In The Dust
OS-099 The Brother
OS-101 Tough Guy
OS-104 Green Killer
OS-121 The Wandering Dragon
OS-122 The Fearless Kung Fu Elements
OS-127 Shaolin Monk
OS-132 Little Hero
OS-133 Legend Of The Tiger
OS-138 Spirits Of Bruce Li
OS-147 Hit And Run
OS-152 Two Crippled Heroes
OS-167 The Lone Ninja Warrior
OS-170 Dirty Kung Fu
OS-172 The Fool Escape
OS-179 The Pier
OS-180 Flash Future Kung Fu
OS-199 A Life Of Ninja
OS-202 Miraculous Flower
OS-217 Yellow Peril
OS-230 Ninja In The Deadly Trap
OS-231 The Challenge Of The Lady Ninja
OS-232 Shanghai 13
OS-233 Blood Brothers
OS-234 Attack Of The Joyful Goddess
OS-236 Imperial Sword
OS-252 Jade Dagger Ninja
OS-253 The Desperate Prodigal
OS-256 The Dark Alley
OS-300 A Hard Way To Die
OS-304 Kung Fu Executioner
OS-306 A Fist Full of Talons
OS-307 Crystal Fist
OS-308 The Big Risk
OS-312 Master Killers
OS-313 Kung Fu Strongman
OS-324 Zatoichi, The Blind Swordsman
OS-342 Ninja Vs Ninja
OS-358 Ninja Wolves
OS-370 Champion Operation
OS-380 Ninja Vs Bruce Lee (Concord Of Bruce)
OS-381 The Four Hands of Death (The Wily Match)
OS-382 Big Boss of Shanghai
OS-384 The Rebellious Reign
OS-393 Kung Fu Vampire Busters
OS-421 The Kung Fu Kid
OS-431 4 Robbers
OS-475 The Dragon Returns
OS-501 Crack Shadow Boxers
OS-533 13 Evil Bandits
OS-560 The Boxer’s Last Stand
OS-562 Wild Tiger
OS-563 Honeymoon Killer
OS-564 Secret Mission

OV-104 Wits To Wits
OV-107 Two Assassins Of The Darkness
OV-113 The Fast Fists
OV-117 The Green Jade Statuette
OV-122 Bandits, Prostitutes and Silver
OV-130 Dragon Blows
OV-131 99 Cycling Swords
OV-132 Chinese Boxing
OV-133 Dumb Boxer
OV-152 He Has Nothing But Kung Fu

WW-005 Revengeful Swordswoman
WW-006 The Invincible Killer
WW-007 Deadly Snail Vs Kung Fu Killers
WW-008 The Man From Hell
WW-010 Yoga and The Kung Fu Girl
WW-014 The Bone Crushing Kid
WW-016 Kung Fu Art Horse, Monkey and Tiger
WW-019 Emperor Of Shaolin Kung Fu
WW-021 The Great Chase
WW-022 18 Secrets of Kung Fu
WW-025 Magnificent Fist

Need catalog numbers for:

1 By 1
10 Brothers of Shaolin
18 Jade Arhats, The
2 Cavaliers, The
2 Dragons Fight Against Tiger
36 Crazy Fists (Master and Boxer)
4 Invincibles, The
6 Directions of Boxing, The
6 Kung Fu Heroes
7 Indignant
7 To 1
72 Desperate Rebels, The
Angry Young Man, The
Art of War By Sun Tzu, The
Awaken Punch, The
Big Fight, The
Black Panther
Black Rose
Blood Avenger
Bloody Tattoo, The (The Loot)
Boxer’s Adventure (Militant Eagle)
Brave Lion, The
Breakout From Oppression
Brotherhood of Heroes, A
Bruce, D-Day at Macao
Bruce, Hong Kong Master
Bruce Lee: A Dragon Story
Bruce Lee The Invincible
Bruce Li - The Invincible
Bruce Takes Dragon Town
Bruce Tuan’s 7 Promises
Bruce, Kung Fu Girls
Brutal Sorcery
Budo Wing
Cannibals, The
Challenge of Death
Clan of Righteousness
Club, The
Comedy, The
Conspiracy of Thieves, The
Cop Killer (The Trap)
Crazy Kung Fu Master
Cute Foster Sister (Horse Boxing Killer)
Dangerous Person
Dark Lady of Kung Fu
Deadly Challenger, The (The Challenger)
Deadly Sword, The
Death Cage
Death Duel of Kung Fu, The
Death Ring
Demon Fighter
Demons, The
Desperate Avenger
Devil and Angel
Disciples of Shaolin
Dragon Kid, The
Dragon, The Lizard, The Boxer, The
Dressed to Fight
Drunken Tai Chi
Duel With the Devils
Eagle King, The
Eagle’s Claw
Eagle’s Claw & The Butterfly Palm
Eagle’s Killer
Emperor of Kung Fu (Kung Fu Emperor)
End of Wicked Tiger
Eunuch of the Western Palace
Fatal Needles Vs. Fatal Fists
Fatal Strike
Fearless Golden Dragon
Fist, The Kicks & The Evils, The
Fists & Guts
Furious Slaughter
General Invincible
Girl Called Tigress, A
Godfathers of Fury
Gold Snatchers
Golden Triangle, The
Goose Boxer
Great Escape From Women’s Prison, The
Great General, The
Hero, The
Heroes, The
Heroes of Shaolin
Hitman in the Hand of Buddha
Hot, The Cool and The Vicious, The
Inheritor of Kung Fu
Invincible Kung Fu Trio, The
Invincible, The
Invisible Terrorist, The
Iron Man, The
Jade Fox
Jumping Ash
Killer From Above
Killer of Snake, Fox of Shaolin
Killer Vs Ninja, The
Knight Errant
Kung Fu From Beyond the Grave
Kung Fu Kid From Peking
Kung Fu Kids II
Kung Fu Kids III
Kung Fu of 7 Steps
Kung Fu Powerhouse
Kung Fu Terminator
Kung Fu The Invisible Fist
Kung Fu Zombie
Kung Fu’s Hero
Lady Constables, The
Last Duel, The
Leg Fighters, The (The Invincible Kung Fu Legs)
Legendary Swordsman
Lost Kung Fu Secrets, The
Lost Samurai Sword, The
Ma Su-Chen (Bloody Struggle, Rebel Boxer)
Mantis Combat
Mask of Vengeance
Master of Death, The
Master Strikes, The
Matching Escort
Mission Kiss and Kill
Moonlight Sword and Jade Lion
My Kung Fu 12 Kicks
Mysterious Footworks of Kung Fu, The
New Game of Death, The
New Mr. Vampire II
Night of the Assassins
Ninja Checkmate (Mystery of Chessboxing)
Ninja Fist of Fire
Ninja Hunter
Ninja in the U.S.A.
Ninja Kids, The
Ninja Killers, The
Ninja Mania
Ninja Pirates
Ninja Supremo
Ninja Swords of Death
Ninja Vs. Shaolin Guard
Of Cooks and Kung Fu
Point the Finger of Death
Real Kung Fu of Shaolin - Pt 1
Real Kung Fu of Shaolin - Pt 2
Red Dragons of Shaolin
Return of the Kung Fu Dragon
Return of the Secret Rivals (Filthy Guy)
Ruthless Revenge
Samurai, The
Samurai Blood, Samurai Guts
Samurai Death Bells
Samurai Sword of Justice
Secret of Chinese Kung Fu
Secret of Tai Chi
Secret of the Shaolin Poles, The
Shaolin Brothers, The
Shaolin Death Squads
Shaolin Disciple, The
Shaolin Drunken Monk, The
Shaolin Hero
Shaolin Invincibles, The
Shaolin Monk Fights Back, The (The Roaming Monk)
Shaolin Temple
Shaolin Thief
Shaolin Vengeance
Shaolin Warrior
Sharp Fists in Kung Fu, The
Showdown With Death
Silver Spear, The
Son of the Dragon
Soul of Samurai
Story in Temple Red Lily
Story of Drunken Master
Story of the Drunken Tiger
Super Dynamo
Super Kung Fu Kid
Super Ninja, The
Super Power (Super-Fist)
Tai Chi Master
Taoism Drunkard
This is Kung Fu
Thunder Kick
Tiger and Crane Fists (Savage Killers)
Tiger Jungle
To Catch A Ninja
To Subdue the Evil
Tornado of Pearl River
Triad Savages
Twins of Kung Fu
Victims of the Assassin
Vigilantes, The (The Rangers)
War of the Shaolin Temple
Warrior, The
Warrior From Shaolin, The
Warriors of the Sung Dynasty
When the Kung Fu Hero Strikes (The Virgin Mart)
White Butterfly Killer, The
Win Them All
Wolf Devil Woman
Young Avenger, The
Young Bruce Lee, The
Young Hero of Shaolin
Young Hero of Shaolin 2
Young Taoism Fighter