8413   Out Of Control
8423   Raw Courage
8501   Tuff Turf
8505   Breaking All The Rules
8510   Delivery Boys
8511  Angels Die Hard
8517   Warriors Of The Wind
8522   Godzilla 1985
8523   The Annihilators
8525   House
8602   Roller Blade
8606   Knights Of The City
8607   Bliss
8611   Mountain Top Motel Massacre
8613   Aurora Encounter
8614   Cut And Run
8629   Las Vegas Weekend
9501   Bury Me An Angel
9507   Terror In The Swamp
9535   The House On Straw Hill
9551   Ghostkeeper
9555   The Horrors Of Burke And Hare
9556   Caged Terror

A86200   Soul Man
A86320   Return To Horror High
A86370   Beyond Therapy
A86390   Pretty Smart
A86400   Dead End Drive-In
A87001   Omega Syndrome
A87011   The Great Land Of Small
A87020   Kandyland
A88006   18 Again
A88022   The Wrong Guys
A88036   Cellar Dweller

B87496   The Hill

C89301   Prime Evil
C95340   Teenager

If you can help fill in any of the gaps, PLEASE let me know.