1038 Stagedoor Canteen
1057 Second Wind
1058 Tower Of Evil
1071 Magnificent Doll
1085 Something To Sing About
1093 Decameron Nights
1097 Front Page
1098 Woman In Green
1115 Commandos
1222 Sisters Of Death
1305 The Incubus
1330 Monster
1338 Stephen King’s Nightshift Collection Vol. 2 “The Boogyman”
1342 American Nightmare
1352 Can You Hear The Laughter
1357 The Graveyard
1376 Jungle Heat
1382 The Witchmaker
1387 The Ark Of The Sun God
1390 Kingdom Of The Spiders
1394 What The Peeper Saw
1404 Schizo
1409 Jaguar Lives
1417 Killing ‘Em Softly
1423 Strike Force
1424 The Ghoul

54012 …Deadline…

American Nightmare
Ashanti Land Of No Mercy
The Beast Must Die
Blade Of The Ripper
Deadman’s Curve
The Devil’s Son-In-Law
Encounter With The Unknown
The 5th Day Of Peace
Flying Deuces
Great Guy
Gung Ho!
Hells Angels On Wheels
Jack And The Beanstalk
The Jungle Book
Killing ‘Em Softly
The Killing Of Randy Webster
Land Of The Minotaur
Let’s Live A Little
Long Weekend
Losin’ It
The Lusty Men
Return To Earth
Salt in The Wound
The Silent Partner
This Is The Army
‘Till The Clouds Roll By
The Twilight People
Who Killed Mary What’s ‘Er Name?