1001 Operation Nam
1002 The Overthrow
1003 Karate Warrior
1004 Thunder Warrior III
1106 The Power Of Ninjitsu
1108 Hands Of Death
1115 Ninja Brothers Of Blood
1501 Stage Fright
1502 The Mines Of Kilimanjaro
1612 No Big Deal
1701 Specters
1806 Chains
1808 Angel Town
2001 R.O.T.O.R.
2002 Black Roses
2003 Pledge Night
2101 Thunder Warrior
2801 No Retreat No Surrender 3
2901 The Chair
3409 Buford’s Beach Bunnies
4201 My Samurai

56018 PrimaDonnas

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Action U.S.A.
Angel Of Fury
The Avenging
Beyond Darkness
The Bikini Carwash Company
The Bikini Carwash Company II
Black Eagle
Blood Warriors
Breathing Fire
China O’Brien
China O’Brien 2
China White
The Club
Cobra Vs. Ninja
The Dark
Dead Ahead
Dead Pit
Deep Down
Demons 2
Fair Game
Fearless Tiger
Full Metal Ninja
The Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure
Hometown Boy Makes Good
Honor And Glory
Iron Heart
Karate Cop
Killer Looks
The King Of The Kickboxers
Lady Dragon
Lady Dragon 2
Mark Of The Scorpion
Nemesis 2
Night Of The Ninja
Night Rhythms
Ninja American Warrior
Ninja Avengers
Ninja Commandments
The Ninja Connection
Ninja Death Squad
The Ninja Empire
Ninja Masters of Death
Ninja Of The Magnificence
Ninja Operation: Licensed to Terminate
Ninja Powerforce
Ninja Silent Assassin
Ninja Strike Force
Obsession: A Taste For Fear
The Other Woman
The Pamela Principle
Rage Of Ninja
The Returning
Secret Games
Secret Games 3
Secret Games: The Escort
Shadow Force
The Shaman
Silk Degrees
Stay Tuned For Murder
Tammy and the T-Rex
Ulterior Motives
The Ultimate Ninja Challenge
Undeclared War
Under Lock and Key
Wild Cactus
Zombie Vs. Ninja